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Pre-K Bulletin Board

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Mrs Baxters Pre-K

Here's your chance to contribute...
feel free to post your comments or suggestions to the other pre-k parents, and me, on this bulletin board!

You can help your children the letters in their names by looking for them in environmental print such as cereal boxes, billboards, newspapers, magazines, and labels.

Class Comments

Share the ways you help your Pre-schooler practice what we're learning in school

Check out these Great Websites for lots of learning fun!

Clifford Games

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Students receive Caught 'Ya Being Good tickets when they are caught doing something good. In Pre-K we hand them out all the time for things as little as helping a friend clean up a mess, to something as great as giving your class a Guinea Pig (thanks Stuart!)! Students bring their tickets to the office and put them in the "Caught ya" box. At the beginning of each week Ms. Adams draws some students names from the "Caught 'ya" box and those "winners" get to go to the office and pick a prize!

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